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Haralson County Jury Finds Biggs Guilty of Malice Murder

(Haralson County,GA) On the late afternoon of February 22, 2021, the Defendant Jalen Biggs, traveled from South Carolina to Haralson County.  The Defendant was picking up a friend when he got into a verbal dispute with Keith Basham at Mr. Basham’s home.  The Defendant then took eleven steps toward Keith Basham, pulled out a handgun, and shot Mr. Basham twice.  The Defendant then fled the scene to South Carolina, where he was arrested hours later.  The Defendant made a 911 phone call approximately two hours after the murder, not knowing that there was a surveillance video system, and claimed self-defense with details that were complete fabrications when paired with the video of the murder.

A jury trial took place the week of October 30, 2023, at the Haralson County Courthouse.  The evidence showed that the Defendant did not act in self-defense when he shot the victim, Keith Basham.  The evidence presented included two separate videos from two separate angles capturing the murder.  The videos show that Keith Basham never left his carport, rather, the Defendant walked toward him from out by the roadway, and pulled out a handgun and immediately shot Keith Basham in the torso twice.  The Defendant then drove away and did not call 911 until hours later.  On the 911 call, the Defendant stated that he had been threatened, he had told Mr. Basham to back up and then had to shoot him because Mr. Basham kept running at him.  The video disproved all of that information provided by the Defendant.  The medical examiner testified that the cause of death was gunshot wounds to the torso, and the manner of death was homicide.  A gun expert from the GBI crime lab testified that the gun found in the Defendant’s vehicle matched the shell casings found at the scene of the murder.

It took less than one hour for the jury to deliberate and find the Defendant guilty of Malice Murder, Felony Murder and Aggravated Assault.  Chief Judge Mark Murphy presided over the trial.  Deputy Chief Assistant D.A. Sarah Japour and Senior Assistant D.A. Robert Peterkin tried the case for the State.

Japour stated, “We thank the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office for all of their hard work in investigating this case and running the courthouse security during the jury trial this week.  We also thank the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for their assistance in the investigation, as well at the Department of Forensic Science for their expert witnesses’ testifying during the course of the trial.  The Anderson County, South Carolina, law enforcement community were tremendous in offering all of their support and assistance in the arrest of the Defendant, and the investigation of this murder.  We are especially grateful for the jurors and their week of service.  Lastly, we send our continued prayers and support to the family of Keith Basham.  We hope that this guilty verdict gives you some peace knowing that justice was served.”

The Defendant will have a pre-sentencing investigation and the sentencing will be scheduled for a later date.


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