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Haralson County Commissioner Says Taxes and Roads Biggest Issue for District

Roads and taxes are two of the more common concerns of residents within the Second District of Haralson County, according to commissioner Jamie Bennett.
Bennett will begin her second full-term as county commissioner in 2019 after no candidates qualified to challenge her during the qualifying period last week.

Bennett commented, “No one likes to see a tax increase; I know that I sure don’t. They are always curious about where their tax dollars are going. People are also concerned about their roads, they want to have good roads to drive on. They want to have safe roads to drive on. So i think roads and taxes are issues that always come to the forefront. I can’t overlook jobs and how important economic development is to our community because obviously if we had more jobs and more economic development, the people would have less of a tax burden.”

Bennett extends an invitation to her constituents, to attend Haralson County commissioners meetings, “Be involved with what’s going on in our community as a whole. I think our Board of Commissioners is really trying to move the county forward. We are trying to work closely with the school board to look at a senior citizen tax break. And where the citizens come into play, is they need to go to their school board members and let them know what they are looking for. And just be involved and let us know where you want your tax dollars spent and how you want them spent.”

Bennett has represented District Two since winning a special election in 2012. She filled the unexpired term of John Dobbs.


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