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Global metals distributor, fabricator, and finisher, moving HQ from Atlanta to Carroll County

Carroll Tomorrow is proud to announce the arrival of SAF, a dynamic and innovative metal fabrication, distribution, and finishing company set to significantly impact our community. After months of careful planning and collaboration, SAF is ready to announce their decision to bring new employment opportunities and investments to the region. This long-time, family-owned business is relocating its corporate headquarters into Carroll County.

SAF was founded in 1946 to meet the post World War II building boom throughout the Southeast. Since then, the company has grown to over 250 employees to meet the increasing demand from their customers. SAF fabricates, finishes, and distributes metal products for the commercial building industry. The company actively collaborates with the Georgia Tech’s Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership to consistently enhance their business and discover innovative solutions to provide superior products.

“We are excited for the opportunity to move our headquarters to Carroll County and are grateful for the support of Carroll County authorities, our employees, and other stakeholders,” stated Penn McClatchey, Chief Executive Officer for SAF. “SAF’s vision to ‘Serve. Share. Create,’ embodies our commitment to serving our customers with the highest quality products and services; sharing our success with the community through job creation and economic growth, and creating a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.”

The SAF announcement is the result of extensive efforts and partnerships between local government, Carroll Tomorrow, and the business community. This achievement showcases the collaborative spirit and dedication of our community to foster economic growth and prosperity.

“We are delighted to welcome SAF to our county with open arms. This family-owned business is not only a testament to our rich legacy of family enterprises but also a shining example of the values that have defined our community for generations,” stated Michelle Morgan, Chair of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners. “I applaud their decision to relocate here, and we look forward to the continued growth and prosperity they will bring, standing proudly alongside the other cherished family businesses that make our county great.”

TSAF is dedicated to providing meaningful employment for our residents, aiming to bring 60 new positions to the community. These roles will encompass a spectrum of skill levels and career paths, fostering opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In terms of economic growth, SAF’s $17 million investment in Carroll County is poised to invigorate the entire region. Their presence will bolster the local economy by increasing tax revenue, spurring consumer spending, and supporting local businesses within the supply chain.

SAF’s commitment goes beyond business; they aspire to be exemplary neighbors. As a family- owned and operated enterprise established in 1946, with a business legacy spanning over 75 years, SAF is on a positive growth trajectory. Their pledge to establish an eco-friendly facility aligns with their goal of enhancing the overall quality of life in Carroll County.

“I am proud and excited to welcome SAF’s corporate headquarters to our community. This achievement not only signifies a substantial investment in our county but also brings the promise of new job opportunities and economic growth,” stated Loy Howard, Chair of the Board for Carroll Tomorrow. “The arrival of SAF is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Carroll Tomorrow and the resilience of our community. This endeavor not only strengthens our economic foundation but also underscores our commitment to planned, incremental growth.”

Carroll Tomorrow would like to extend our gratitude to the Carroll County Office of Community Development, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and the City of Carrollton, for their support and vision in making this partnership a reality.




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