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Fire Erupts at Apartment Complex Off Hwy 27

The Carrollton Fire Department responded to a blaze at an apartment complex on 823 North Park Street at around 10:30 this morning. The Carrollton FD confirmed that no residents of the complex or firefighters sustained injuries. Arson investigator, Allen English said several apartments suffered heavy damage.

“When we got here, we had one apartment that was pretty heavily involved in the fire and it extended into two other apartments,” said English. “We went in and put those fires out and it is under investigation now.”

English said the call came from when passing police saw smoke rising from the apartment. The response time was around three minutes and resident, Wilson Rundel said first responders were there before he noticed the smoke.

“My old lady kept saying that she kept smelling smoke. I thought it was coming from these big trucks out on the road, till I opened up the door and the whole front was smoked up,” said Rundel.

Though no official cause has been determined by an investigation, Rundel alleged that it was caused by an improperly disposed cigarette.


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