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Father Says Son “Began Choking Him For No Reason.” Caused Crash On I-20

Carroll County Deputies say a traffic accident on I-20 westbound near Temple Tuesday afternoon– involving two tractor trailers— was caused when the driver of the lead truck slammed his brakes, causing the truck behind to collide into the trailer.

The 57-year old driver of the first truck said he slammed his brakes because his 28-year old son began choking him while he was driving down the road. Investigators found injuries on the driver’s neck to confirm the claim.

Following the collision, investigators say (driver number one) exited his cab immediately, leaving his son inside. When deputies arrived, they asked the son to exit the cab. He instead became irate, challenged officers when they attempted to open the door to get inside, and then removed all his own clothing.

The suspect was controlled and taken to Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton for evaluation. While in hospital, the suspect  had forcibly removed the I.V. lines from his arms and attempted to fight with medical center security, according to the report.

Deputies say he was placed on ‘suicide watch’ due to statements of wanting law enforcement to kill him.

The suspect’s father, and victim of the initial attack, told police he feared for his own life, and insisted on pressing charges against his son.

He is charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.

The two men involved are from the state of Oregon.


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