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Equestrian Injured, Horse Euthanized, Following Collision With Vehicle

Georgia State Patrol investigators say a 62-year old Waco woman was “following to close,” when her Chevy Cruze struck two horses with riders, southbound on Old Highway 100 in Haralson County Saturday evening.

The collision resulted in injury to one rider—and a horse, subsequently euthanized.

The motor vehicle crash report states that at approximately 8-pm, the Chevy was traveling south on Old Highway 100- and it came upon two horse riders traveling south in the same lane.

The Chevy struck both horses. The impact caused one rider to be removed from her horse, followed by the horse falling on top of her. That horse got up then fled the scene, but was later recovered.

The second horse suffered a broken leg and subsequently was euthanized.

A 21-year old female rider was taken to Floyd Medical for treatment of “suspected serious injury.”

A witness—who was traveling northbound on Highway 100—stated he believed the oncoming vehicle did not slow down before striking the horses.

This incident remains under investigation.


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