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Driver’s Ed Offered As Elective At Chs Beginning Next School Year

CARROLLTON, GA — A new elective will be offered at Carrollton High School next year to help prepare students complete the requirements needed to get behind the wheel.

It has been decades since driver’s ed was offered as a course at CHS and because the state requires young drivers to complete it before getting their driver’s licenses, offering it as an elective on campus will make the process more convenient for students and families. 

Last summer, Joshua’s Law, also known as House Bill 466, was amended to make driver education mandatory for teens under 18 to be able to get a Georgia driver’s license. Prior to the change, the 30 hours of driver’s ed instruction plus six hours of in-car driving lessons was only required for 16-year-olds. 

Former CHS varsity baseball coach Scott Johnson will be the instructor for the class. He said he is confident the course will be beneficial to students and the community.

“I think having the driver’s ed program renewed at CHS is a decision that will benefit not only young drivers but our community as a whole,” he said. “Students taking this class will spend a minimum of 30 classroom hours and six driving hours getting better equipped to drive safely and correctly. Since one of the leading causes of deaths among teenagers is vehicle-related, I am proud of our administration making this opportunity available to our teens at CHS.”

CHS Principal Ian Lyle said he is thankful for the chance to offer this course to students.

“We are very excited to bring driver’s education to CHS,” said Lyle. “Driver’s education helps us ensure students are better prepared for life once they graduate. We are very grateful to our Board of Education and district leadership for helping us make this program happen.”

Members of Carrollton High School’s Class of 1958 pose next to the driver’s ed vehicle they used to take the course. Pictured from left are Jo Ann Craven, Irene Daviduik, Barry Hanson, Kent Wirsing, James Capes and Eleanor Fricks.


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