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Deceased Male Found In Carrollton Thursday May Be Connected To Armed Robbery In Villa Rica

On 09-13-2018 at approximately 12:30 AM, a male suspect entered the Waffle House at 592 Highway 61, Villa Rica. The suspect pointed a gun at the employees and announced that he was robbing the business. A customer who was dining inside then shot the suspect and the suspect fled from the restaurant. Witnesses reported the suspect left in a small dark colored vehicle. During the investigation it was discovered that the suspect dropped the gun as he was fleeing the scene. It was also found that the gun used was a BB gun.

The Villa Rica Police Department is aware that Carrollton Police Department is investigating the discovery of a dead person. We are currently working with them to see if the cases are connected.

Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell talked with WLBB Radio Thursday morning in regards to the deceased male discovered in Carrollton.

“About 8:00 Thursday morning, a city work crew was going up Brown Street… which is between Rome and College and is a very short city block. They saw a car parked on the side of the road. A black male was laying face down on the road beside it. The male was discovered to be deceased. It appears he may have died as the result of a gun-shot wound. We believe we have made an I.D. of the male, and we are currently getting in touch with his family. He appears to be in his early to mid-thirties. We are following several leads at this point.”

Anyone that witnessed a part of this incident in Villa Rica or has information on related events that followed is asked to contact Detective Chris Bertera at (678) 840-1320 or at


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