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CPD Awarded $100,000 in State of Georgia Law
Enforcement Training Grant

The State of Georgia Law Enforcement Training Program grant was designed to grant funds on a competitive basis to support training for law enforcement officers. Priority was given to requests proposing training for law enforcement officers in one of the following topics:
Use of Force and De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, and School Safety.

The City of Carrollton applied for funds of this grant under the School Safety category and has been awarded $100,000.

Awarded equipment with these grant funds will include virtual training equipment for active shooter scenarios, four rifle bunkers (this helps keep officers safe as they enter into an area with an active shooter and this equipment will be housed in each of the four school buildings in the Carrollton City School campus), four breaching door kits (this equipment allows for an officer to open a locked/jammed door), and bleeding control packs (to also be housed at all City of Carrollton school buildings).

As shootings in school campuses continue in our nation, the City of Carrollton Police Department acknowledges the need to be proactive in approaching how to keep students and staff safe on campus.
By instituting a program that provides training and equipment to officers and staff, we hope to provide further de-escalation skills and knowledge in an effort to mitigate and /or avoid an attack on any of our school campuses.

This media release was provided to us by the Carrollton Police Department


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