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Court Documents Show Temple Man Charged With Killing Spouse, Had Fired Gun ‘In Close Proximity” of Previous Spouse And Had Been Charged With Aggravated Assault After Trying To Set Her On Fire

Bond has been set at 20-thousand dollars for a 70-year old Temple man accused of shooting his spouse in the head. The injury resulted in her death.

According to the Carroll County Jail website—William Barry Black faces one count of voluntary manslaughter—and one count of involuntary manslaughter.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Monday morning, around 4:30, deputies responded to the residence on 1813 Old Draketown Trail in Temple, following a 911 call from the suspect.

Deputies say Black informed the 911 operator that he had just shot his wife in the head. The victim has been identified as 45-year old Brenda Bowman.

During the call, Black informed the 911 operator that he still had possession of the firearm used to shoot Bowman; and, he was waiting for first responders to arrive.

First responders found Bowman in the couple’s bedroom with a fatal gun-shot wound.

At one point during the investigation, Black allegedly told investigators the shooting was the result of his gun accidentally discharging.

Investigators claim that statements given and evidence discovered at the scene conflicted.

Subsequently, Black was arrested and taken to the Carroll County Jail.

Black is a bilateral amputee.

According to Carroll County Courts documents, Black was arrested in March of 2015 and charged with aggravated stalking. In seeking a bond hearing for this arrest, Black’s counsel submitted “The defendant is 63 years of age, a disabled veteran, and a life long Carroll County resident,” and “Defendant shows he would not be a threat to commit other crimes… nor is he a threat to influence state witnesses.”

(December of 2015) Black was accused of arguing with his then-wife about “her church and God, then proceeded to cut her face with a razor knife, telling her he hated her and hated God.” In a Petition For A Temporary Protective Order, Black’s former spouse claimed “During their marriage (Black) has slapped, punched, shoved, cut, destroyed property, threatened to harm with a gun and knife.”

(January of 2016) The woman was provided a 12-month protective order which included the opportunity for her to remove personal belongings from the property the former couple lived.

(May of 2016) Black was indicted on a charge of Criminal Attempt To Commit Aggravated Stalking after being accused of attempting to contact a previous victim via another party. The grand jury accused Black of violating the previously awarded 12-month temporary protective order. In April of 2017, the aggravated stalking case proceeded to the DEAD DOCKET, following the request of the District Attorney. The legal dictionary definition of “dead docketing” is a procedural device by which ‘the prosecution is postponed indefinitely but may be reinstated at any time at the pleasure of the court. The District Attorney’s Office claimed the offense was re-indicted and provided case# 16-CR-988. WLBB Radio was unable to locate a re-indictment for the aggravated stalking charge in the court case provided.

(September of 2016) Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney Pete Skandalakis “declined” to prosecute Black following charges (March of 2016) of aggravated assault and obstruction of an officer. Black was accused of trying to set his then-wife on fire and attacking a deputy with a fire extinguisher. The case was dismissed.

(November of 2016) A grand jury accused Black of firing a gun within close proximity of his previous spouse (October of 2015); and assaulting her with a cutting device (December of 2015). He was charged with 2-counts of Aggravated Assault/ Family Violence, one count of Simple Battery/ FVA and one count of Violating Family Violence Order. One month later, he was granted a 10-thousand dollar bond. In April of 2017, Black plead guilty to charges—and was sentenced to 12-months. He was allowed to serve that time on probation.

(December of 2016) The victim of the previous offenses requested a permanent protective order. Judge Jack Kirby granted a 3-year protective order.

In 2016, Black’s son told Atlanta media that his father had PTSD; and, “He just needs help.”


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