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Couple Accused Of Littering Local Communities With Antisemitic Propaganda

Carrollton Police are investigating numerous allegations from city residents in which a pair of people in a white Mazda sedan are accused of throwing zip-loc bags containing fliers with messages blaming numerous grievances they have within the United States — on the Jewish community.

Sunday evening, approximately 7:00pm, one Carrollton officer took a report from a resident in the northern part of the city, who claimed the individuals had thrown multiple bags from their moving vehicle.

The complainant had collected from the ground approximately 40 bags which contained kernels of corn and fliers that suggested the “Jewish” are to blame for the issues the suspects had with attempts at gun control laws, pornography, Disney, abortion, and the Joe Biden administration.

Investigators say the corn kernels may have been used as a weight to better direct the light baggies and paper.

One complainant was able to provide police with the suspect vehicle’s license plate number and a description of the driver and passenger.

“He said the Mazda was driven by a white female and an unknown male in the passenger seat with a mask on. The suspects drove through the neighborhood, throwing these bags out on the street and yards.”

Later in the evening, an officer traveling towards North Park Street at its intersection with Linda Lane observed the described vehicle and got behind it. The officer initiated a traffic stop by activating the patrol car’s blue emergency lights and briefly turned on the vehicle’s siren.

According to the police report, the officer approached the Mazda’s driver’s side and asked if they knew why they were being stopped. The driver, Hillary Jacobs replied, no. The passenger Phillip Jacobs also shook his head no.

“I informed them I stopped them due to them throwing baggies with propaganda throughout neighborhoods littering the roadway and yards. Both of their faces appeared flushed after this, Hilary’s hands began to shake, and the rise and fall of her chest seemed heavy as if she was nervous. Hillary immediately grabbed her electronic smoking device and started smoking heavily, not saying a word. I informed them they could be cited for littering and asked Phillip who was throwing the stuff out. Phillip admitted he was the one littering the propaganda. I asked him how many he threw. Phillip said around 600, if he had to guess. Upon another officer’s arrival, I asked both Phillip and Hillary to exit the vehicle and stand in front of my patrol car. I advised them I believed in their freedom of speech, but they couldn’t just throw it in people’s yards and on the roadway. At this time, I noticed a large container in the car’s back seat. I asked if it was full of more bags they were throwing, and Phillip said yes.”

According to the police report, both individuals refused to share any additional information.

But, based on one of the fliers they were in possession, the pair believes they should be able to spread the “information” and those who do not agree are not American.

Approximately 600 of these fliers have allegedly been tossed on or near properties in west Georgia.

Police are attempting to determine if any laws other than littering have been broken by the couple’s alleged actions.


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