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The Carroll County Board of Commissioners have announced that advertising for an Architect will begin with an RFQ (Request for Proposal) process for the County Administration Facility.

This facility, which will house multiple essential departments, ranging from elections to the tag office, will all be located in one central location, making it more streamline for citizens to visit one location for all their county related needs. This facility has been a high priority for the current Board of Commissioners who have worked diligently over the last two years. Robbie Blackmon, of Aurora Advisory Services along with Nelson Architects were utilized for planning and logistics when determining the needs of the numerous departments who will be housed at the location. Although the final location has not been determined, it has been narrowed to a few possibilities that will be discussed once the architect is on board. It is important to the Board of Commissioners to have a professional architect look at the draft ideas for the needs of the administration facility to make sure the final decision on the property will be feasible to house such a structure.

Chairman Michelle Morgan stated, “I am proud of this board for working together to make sure this was a top priority to meet the needs of our citizens who voted to approve the County Administration Building utilizing SPLOST funds. I look forward to sharing more with the community soon as the RFQ process progresses and finalizing where the structure will be located is determined.”

“Getting a new Administration Facility squared away and now knowing we are getting close to the finish line of seeing it come out of the ground, is so exciting, and something I have been committed to and advocated for throughout my time on the board. Serving as Interim Chair for a period of time in between Chairmen, I saw firsthand the needs of the employees, their departments, and the citizens. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of this process.” District 6 Commissioner George Chambers said in a statement.

The RFQ proposal was placed on the consent agenda by the board of commissioners during the work session held Thursday.