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County Responds to request to lower speed limit on Tyus Road

County officials announced today that the speed limit on Tyus Carrollton Road is being lowered from 55 mph to 45 mph.

In December Alan Griffith, a paramedic who lives on the road,started a petition and created a Face Book page asking the county to “Make Tyus Carrollton Road Safer.” Griffith’s request came as the result of his working seven major wrecks on the road in a three– month period. While none of the accidents were fatal, Griffith said “It’s just a matter of time before someone loses their life.”

After hearing Mr. Griffith’s concerns, the county immediately placed a speed counter on Tyus Carrollton Road as part of traffic study to determine if a 45 mph speed limit is more compatible for the amount of traffic on the road. While the traffic study was being completed, Commission Chairman Michelle Morgan and Public Works Director Charles Pope began meeting with Georgia DOT and Georgia State Patrol officials to get the speed limit changed. Grant Waldrop with GDOT and Mike Lands, who also lives on Tyus Carrollton Road, with the Georgia State Patrol were instrumental in getting the approval process moving. Chairman Morgan also contacted Senator Mike Dugan to ask for his assistance with the matter.

On January 17, 2020 Morgan received an email from Dugan that read,” Madam Chair, I met with the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation Russell McMurry about a series of issues today including reducing the speed limit on Tyus Carrollton Road. Commissioner McMurray said that you are allowed to reduce the speed on this county road at your discretion to meet the desires of the constituents that live along the route. Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention and don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on this or any other matter I can help you with to help care for our citizens.”

Morgan said that she was “elated to receive Senator Dugan’s email. Safety is the one number priority of the County and I am very happy that Senator Dugan and the state recognize the safety needs of those citizens on Tyus Carrollton Road by allowing us to reduce the speed limit.” Morgan also said she appreciatedGriffith and Lands in bringing the concerns of the residents on Tyus Carrollton Road to her attention

After seeing the results of the traffic study, Pope said he agreed with cutting the speed limit on all 8.69 miles of Tyus Carrollton Road from State Route 166 to State Route 5. He stated that, “one vehicle was running at least 99 mph, which as high has the speed counter will register, and a large number of cars were going in excess of 80 mph.”  Pope also noted that the new bridge being constructed on the road and the area around the bridge were designed for a 45 mph speed zone.

’Mr. Pope and his crews will be installing the new 45 mile-an-hour speed limit signs on Tyus Carrollton Road on February 3rd,”said Morgan. Morgan encourages everyone to slow down and travel safe.


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