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County Considers Rezone For Mulching Facility Off Highway 61

A company that supplies mulches, soils and decorative rocks has plans to set up a new mulching facility in Carroll County. However, they may have some trouble getting their proposal through the county’s planning and zoning board and board of commissioners.

Oldcastle Lawn & Garden will state their case for rezoning 59-acres of land with frontage on Highway 61, from commercial agriculture to industrial, during a rezoning hearing on November 26th and then to the Carroll County Board of Commissioners on December third.

The applicant says their new industrial manufacturing facility, which would be located at 4465 Carrollton Villa Rica Highway across from New Mountain Baptist Church, would bring between 25 and 50 jobs to the area within the next several years.

Critics are concerned the new facility would generate a lot of noise in a predominantly residential/agriculture area; and, possibly pollute nearby streams.

Carroll County Public Works officials claim a zoning change would generate large truck traffic onto Highway 61 and require upgrades to the highway.

The county’s future land-use map calls for this property to be used commercially.

Carroll County staff has already suggested that the board of commissioners deny the applicant’s request. The applicant will present to P&Z Board members later this month.


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