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County Commission Will Look At Ordinances To Limit Pedestrians On Busy Roads

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners hope to address a concern in which District Three Commissioner, Tommy Lee says has become a public safety issue.

The board hopes to deter panhandlers and bold pedestrians from entering the roads or being within the medians of 10 of Carroll County’s busiest intersections.

“I had one gentleman that almost ran over somebody and he was serious. He called me and he was very upset. He said if I hit this man, then it is totaling my life and something needs to be done about this. What I hope to resolve is that we don’t have this anymore,” said Lee.

County Commissioners plan to define certain expectations and terms of enforcement, as well as establish penalties for violations. They could approve the new ordinance next week.

Lee continued, “If you are driving through there and somebody steps out in front of you and you hit them, then guess who has a problem. Not just them but you too. It has gotten very dangerous.”

As far as the individuals who feel they must take to those busier intersections with signs asking for money, Lee said that there are several organizations in the county willing to help that offer better options.


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