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Counter Protesters Outnumber in Newnan Rally

Counter protesters flooded the streets of Newnan when the National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi group, rallied at Greenville Street Park on Saturday in downtown Newnan. But even more noticeable than the two groups was the police presence. Over 700 officers from around the state were present to prevent the type of civil unrest seen in Charlottesville almost a year ago. Many of the officers in full tactical garb were from Carrollton riding in a Hummer marked Carrollton PD.

At the demonstration, an 8 foot tall fence and two barricades were erected between counter protesters and the NSM with hundreds of officers in riot gear to prevent violence.

The crowd of counter protesters, which heavily outnumbered the NSM, ranged from Newnan church groups, the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance and an Atlanta based Antifa chapter. WLBB radio was present speaking with counter protester and Newnan native, Brian Ball.

“You can’t let the color of your skin dictate the relationship with everybody in the world. That is just stupidity, it is just not mature. At the end of the day we all come from God,” said Ball.

Many individuals made the trek from around the state to show support for Newnan, including Rob Dale, a teacher from Atlanta:

“I am a father and I don’t want evil in the world that my kids are growing up in. I am pleased that so many people came out to take a stand for equality because this is unacceptable.”

The NSM was promptly shut down when their permit expired at 5:00 PM . They then returned to Draketown in Haralson County where it has been reported that they proceeded to burn swastikas.


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