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Community Foundation of West Georgia Hosts Community Breakfast to give Project Update

Coordinating assistance between nonprofit organizations has the potential to be inefficient and difficult to manage for both those seeking help and the providers. In January of 2023, The Community Foundation of West Georgia partnered with TechBridge and InTelegy Corporation to conduct an assessment of nonprofit providers in the area and to develop a new way of serving those in need.

Some of the challenges identified throughout the course of the assessment were:

• Finding information about available resources throughout the area is a challenge unless an individual or family knows where to start

• A person in need must navigate the system of support themselves, with time of week/month limitations and multiple contacts required

• A person in need spends time chasing resources which limits time to work towards stabilization

Since that initial assessment and meeting, four workgroups were formed: Steering, Operations, Technology and Community Resources. These groups have worked diligently to set the ground work for this project, newly named “The Connector”.

On Tuesday, May 16th, CFWG hosted a Community Breakfast to give local citizens and non profit organizations an update on the work that has been completed, and give some insight on what work has yet to be done. Over 110 people came to hear the presentation.

“I am blown away by the response to The Connector” said Kim Jones, president of the Community Foundation. “We are excited to continue to work and bring this project to fruition.”

One representative from each workgroup presented on their group’s

accomplishments. Notable work that has been completed includes:

• The creation of a common application that all organizations within The Connector will utilize for their neighbors in need.

• Site visits to other community resource centers, such as The Hub for Community Innovation in Augusta, GA.

• The creation of a database and portal design.

“This project has the potential to completely transform how we see and serve the most vulnerable in our community, while also making it easier for those that have the privilege of serving,” said Meghan Bennett, director of St. Margaret’s Community Outreach.

Breakfast attendees were given the opportunity to be a part of the project by partnering their nonprofit organization with The Connector, by joining a workgroup or by pledging to contribute financially.

“The citizens of West Georgia have always been so good to support any needs that we have brought to their attention” said Kim. “We have no doubt that through their volunteerism and financial support, we will get this done.”

For more information about the Community Foundation of West Georgia and The Connector, visit its website at or contact Kim Jones at (770) 832-1462 or


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