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Commissioner Skeptical about New Animal Ordinances

Newly proposed amendments to Carroll County’s animal control ordinance is not sitting well with at least one Carroll County Commissioner.

Among the requests made by concerned pet lovers, the county could mandate that domestic animals be sheltered during specified temperatures of extreme heat or extreme cold. Pet owners would also no longer be allowed to secure their animals to a stationary object outdoors.

Carroll County’s District 5 Commissioner, Lee Powers said he has concerns with the proposal’s wording.

“The concern that I have is with the language of domestic animals because domestic animals could also mean horses and cows and other large animals. I just don’t think that we need to put any more regulation on that,” said Powers. “I do have concerns about people having pets on chains and companion animals being left out in the cold but again, I have a problem with the language.”

Powers also questions how the county would enforce the new rules.

“Who is going to enforce all of these extra regulations. Our budget is tight right now and we do not need to get into debt. We need to protect companion animals but it is the citizens responsibility to take care of their own animals. It is not the government’s responsibility to take care of other people’s animals. If they are going to buy the animal, they need to make sure that they have proper food and proper shelter. I think that we have those kind of laws on the books right now.”

Carroll County commissioners will publicly discuss the potential ordinance changes during Thursday’s work session at the Carroll County Courthouse


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