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Clint Chance Prepares for Carroll County Commission Election

Less than one week to go before several local races are decided at the polls, including the race for the District Two seat on the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, where candidate Clint Chance on Wednesday said his campaign efforts have not slowed down a bit:

“Hearing a lot of different things. I would say that the most important thing that I’ve been hearing is that everybody enjoys their specific niche. So if you live in Fairfield Plantation, there is things that you enjoy about the amenities here. If you live in the City of Villa Rica, there are things you enjoy. If you live on a hundred acre, there are things that you enjoy about that as well. We are essentially a perfect blend of small city amenity, suburban and rural life. And overall people just want to know that they are going to have opportunities or preservations about the niches in District Two.”

Chance and local attorney, Matthew Montanan, are the names on the District Two County Commission ballot, to replace long time Commissioner Vickie Anderson who chose not to seek re-election this year.

“This job comes down to the resume. And the reality is that both candidates are running on the Republican ticket and we both consider ourselves conservatives but if you look at the extensive at what I have done being appointed on boards in the city of Villa Rica, boards from the Carroll County Commission, working on boards in the local school system and the time commitment,” said Chance. “I lived consecutively nearly 30 years in the county’s northern end. I am just simply positioned to go in with more practical experience, locally here with issues.”

Early voting continues through Friday. Election day is Tuesday May 22nd.


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