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City Says Litter Problem Is A Priority To Fix

Carrollton’s mayor and city council on Thursday expressed concern over what they see as a litter problem in and around city limits.

“Overall, in downtown it’s not as big a problem,” City manager David Brooks pointed out.

However, mayor and council members agreed there are issues in and around parking lots of “big box stores,” on the by-pass and on construction sites, where left over debris tends to blow into other nearby properties.

About one local plaza mall, Councilman Jim Watters said: “It’s (litter) not just on the the side of the road, but you can see it from the road… it’s up in the trees.”

Brooks said one option to resolve the problem would be to hire an outside company whose sole job would be to pick up litter.

“Another…,” he said, “…would be to create new in-house positions where employees would be responsible for the work.”

However, Brooks admitted, that the city is finding it difficult to attract and hire employees for a number of open positions already on city staff.

Brooks said the issue is a priority to resolve.


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