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City Looks to Change Speed Limits on Two City Streets

Carrollton City will begin a process that they hope will result in allowing them to lower the speed limit on a pair of well traveled residential streets.

This week, the City Council approved asking the Georgia Department of Transportation for permission to conduct a speed limit study on both Cedar Street and Rome Street.

Carrollton City Manager, Tim Grizzard said, “The laws are that a city cannot set its own speed limit and enforce it. It has to be approved by the state. There are some councilman here that would like to look at two streets with the hopes of reducing those speed limits.”

City Councilman, Rory Wojcik hoped that the study will result in Carrollton lowering speed limits on Cedar and Rome from 35 to 25 miles per hour.

“Rome Street in a part is 35 miles per hour and Cedar is also. That is the same speed limit as Bankhead Highway. The streets are very different in structure. They are historic residential streets. This is just too look at additional traffic common measures,” said Wojcik. “What we want to do is enforce those speed limits. Like Tim says, there is no reason to write a ticket if we can’t enforce it and there is no point in putting things on the book that we can’t enforce.”

The city hopes to conduct the study soon after being granted permission to move forward from GDOT.


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