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City Expected To Strategically Place 12 New Stationary License Plate Reading Devices To Aid Law Enforcement

The city of Carrollton is expected to add additional eyes near the city’s entrances and exits in hopes of aiding criminal investigations; and, once word gets out, they hope the additions will deter those with ill intent outside the city from coming in.

Chief Joel Richards last week asked city officials to purchase 12-additional stationary license-plate readers (LPR) to be strategically placed around the city. Police currently have two stationary devices in use. One on the northside. The other is on the southside.

The LPR’s are able to take and store images for up to 30 days, of motor vehicles and their plates, as well as pedestrians, animals and bicycles.

Investigator Blake Hitchcock says one benefit of the tool is the camera’s ability to recognize stolen plates or plates with a ‘Be On The Lookout’ (BOLO) notification related to alleged criminal activity.

Hitchcock says the two cameras in place have been helpful in numerous investigations, including with locating the suspect in an armed robbery at a restaurant off Park Street in October of 2019.

Along with plans to have the 14 stationary LPR’s around the city, police are encouraging local home-owners associations, apartment complexes and businesses to consider purchasing the machines to aid in police investigations.

The LPR devices come at a cost of $2,000 apiece annually.


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