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Chuck Enderlin Speaks with WLBB

Chuck Enderlin is one of two candidates appearing on the Democratic primary ballot for the 3rd Congressional District on May 22nd. Enderlin recently joined WLBB’s Community Voice Program discuss issues that he hopes to focus on if elected, including immigration reform.

“Our immigration system needs to be reformed, but it needs to be reformed in a humane way,” said Enderlin on Friday. “There are people fleeing countries, that are fleeing violence, fleeing persecution and going through all other sorts of dangerous situations just to get here. It is because our country is one of the few in the world where you can show up with nothing more than a work ethic and the clothes on your back and make your life better.”

It is a sure bet that gun control will be a top issue discussed by candidates during the upcoming midterm congressional races in november and Enderlin thinks that civilians should undergo more training with firearms:

“The big concept that I am trying to bring in is take some of the lessons and practices from the military and bring those into our civilian gun discussion. I was a weapons instructor at the Naval Academy and taught the M9 pistol and so I am intimately familiar with not just weapon handling but also the safety practices. And that’s something that we want to bring in. If you want to learn how to shoot, we want to give you the training.”

Enderlin also commented on rate increases that are expected to sharply rise for individual health insurance policies in 2019. He cited that two insurers in Maryland are allegedly asking for a 90% increase in premiums. He believes that purchasing medicare should be a public option.

“One of the things that I am pushing for is the option to purchase Medicare as a public option. This doesn’t drive private insurers like Aflac out of business, it just gives them competition,” said Enderlin.

Enderlin is a former Marine Corp. pilot and currently works for Delta Airlines.


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