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CHS Unified Mario Kart team racing to inclusion

CARROLLTON, GA—The Special Olympics has long been a champion of diversity and inclusion, and the introduction of unified Esports teams for Mario Kart represents a significant leap forward in the organization’s mission. Carrollton High School has jumped in and is one of three schools in Georgia participating in the unified esports teams. 

This program brings together athletes with and without intellectual disabilities, creating a platform where players of all skill levels can collaborate, learn, and compete together.

Esports has become a powerful medium for fostering social connections and breaking down barriers. By extending this platform to Special Olympics athletes, the gaming community now has the opportunity to witness the incredible talents and competitive spirit of individuals with intellectual disabilities and promote a more inclusive gaming landscape.

CHS Esports Head Coach Robby Blakemore is proud to provide this opportunity to students.

“Esports is a great way to connect non-traditional student-athletes to team-based competitions,” Blakemore said. “Adding the Special Olympics Mario Kart team is really taking it to the next level.”

Dr. Josh Crandell, Special Olympics coach, loves having the Unified Esports Mario Kart team available for his students. 

“Esports provides a way for my students to connect and compete in a way they couldn’t before,” Crandell said. “They enjoy playing Mario Kart and love the aspect of being on a team.” 

Dr. Crandell’s players, Robbie Vance and Jonavan Goodwin, were excited to hear about the Unified Esports Mario Kart team. 

“I like playing Mario Kart with everyone because Mario Kart is a classic Nintendo game,” Robbie said. 

When asked about his favorite part of Mario Kart, Jonavan said, “I like being able to customize the whole vehicle so I can make it my own.”

The Unified Mario Kart team is currently 4-2 and ranked sixth in the Eastern United States region. They will conclude their regular season on Wednesday, April 10, and begin preparation for the playoffs the following week.


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