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Chambers Will Run Day to Day Operations In County Until June Election

Carroll County Board of Commissioners’ Vice Chairman, District Six Commissioner George Chambers, will now also oversee day to day operations in the three month period leading to the election of a new full time chairman. Chambers was selected for the role of interim-chairman by his peers on Tuesday. Chambers will have to step down temporarily from his full time job as President of the Southern Cross Ranch in Bowdon to serve as interim chair.

“I appreciate the confidence of the board. I will make you all the same and only political promise I have ever made. I will give you my very best,” said Chambers at the board meeting.

The need for an interim chairman comes after the announcement that Marty Smith will step down in mid-March to accept a job under Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Smith said an emotional public goodbye to the Board of Commissioners and county employees on Tuesday.

“It has been more than a pleasure to serve Carroll County. It has been the hardest job that I have ever had but by far the most gratifying. I don’t think that the good Lord put me here by chance. We got a lot accomplished. I have to recognize my family that is here tonight because they came to my first meeting and they are here for my last. I do want to say that the staff is impeccable. I also have to say that fifteen department heads that buy in to what are goals are, is what has made this county so successful,” said Smith.

Smith has served as county chairman since January of 2013


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