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CCSO’s Deputy Jeff Richards Named Carroll County Prison Warden

The Carroll County government appointing long-time sheriff’s office Deputy Jeff Richards as the new Carroll County Prison Warden on Wednesday.

Richards, who is currently serving as captain over the criminal investigations division at the sheriff’s office, will replace former Warden Robert Jones, effective October 11.

“I am truly honored and I want to thank Commission Chair Michelle Morgan for having the confidence in me to lead this agency forward. I also want to thank Sheriff Terry Langley for all his years of support, mentorship and especially his friendship,” Richards told WLBB radio on Wednesday.

“Having served as assistant jail administrator under Sheriff Langley and as interim 9-1-1 director, I saw quickly how people do not realize the importance of those who work behind the scenes.”

Richards says that, “just as patrol is the back-bone to law-enforcement,” the inmate labor force, which he will now over-see, is the primary contributor to Carroll County Public Works.

“Public Works Director Charles Pope and I worked together in the Fire Department back in the mid-1980’s and I look forward to working with him again and letting people realize just how important it is that this prison exists and that these guards are not forgotten and they are a part of us moving forward.”

Richards has served the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office since 1988, serving in capacities such as sergeant over the special operations unit, lieutenant in the training division, captain over the jail division, and for the last seven years, captain over the criminal investigations division. Richards has also received countless hours of training in different specialty areas such as management and supervision.


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