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CCS partners with Neptune Navigate to help promote safety online

CARROLLTON, GA  — Carrollton City Schools has partnered with a digital platform this school year in an effort to teach students and families how to be smart and stay safe online.

Neptune Navigate is made up of comprehensive, online learning modules that are designed to take 20 minutes or less for students.

Carrollton City Schools Student Support Coordinator Ashleigh Paulk said she believes the partnership with Neptune Navigate will be beneficial to students and families in the district.

“Regardless of our age, we all interact with the digital world on a daily basis,” said Paulk. “For this reason, it is important that we are aware of how to be responsible and respectful while using social media and online resources. Neptune Navigate presents age-appropriate information in an interactive way that allows our students to learn what it means to be a good digital citizen. Additionally, resources are provided that allow our teachers and families to support, educate, and help keep our students safe in the digital world.”

Karen Wild, director of school improvement at Carrollton City Schools, said that teaching students how to stay in the digital world is vitally important.

“Digital citizenship education is extremely important because it teaches individuals to use technology respectfully online and also to find reliable online sources,” said Wild.

Throughout the year, schools will cover different modules with students. The modules will also be emailed to parents and families so they can continue the conversation at home after students cover them in school.

“Carrollton City Schools is taking a proactive approach to address these needs through the incorporation of the Neptune Navigate program which will encourage K-12 students, educators and parents to expand their technological knowledge and promote responsibility for online presence,” Wild noted.

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