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CCS Announces School-Year Reopening Plan

CARROLLTON, GA – Carrollton City Schools has announced its reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year following an exhaustive evaluation of the best way to move forward following a shortened school year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic last spring.

Dr. Mark Albertus, superintendent, released details of the plan Wednesday, which includes a mandatory requirement for all teachers, staff, students, parents, and visitors to wear face coverings to support the health and safety for all as the district implements a modified on-campus model.

“For academic, social-emotional, and economic reasons, we highly support the in-person learning model,” wrote Dr. Albertus in a letter to parents and community stakeholders. “But we also cannot ignore the continued threat of the virus. We must take all prudent steps to keep our schools from becoming agents that could spread COVID-19 in our community. Our community expects us to provide a quality and meaningful learning experience for our students while also ensuring we maintain a safe learning environment model our schools and teachers can execute to fidelity.”

The comprehensive plan features four tiers of intensity with the first level reflecting a normal school opening and the fourth a complete on-campus school closure that implements at-home online learning exclusively.

At this time, Albertus said plans are for the district to follow Level Two, which is an on-campus learning model that minimizes large group settings and implements social distancing measures and robust cleaning and hygiene practices.

“This document presents our most current thinking,” said Albertus. “It is still a work in progress – and we believe, through continued candid and constructive feedback from our community, this plan can improve even more. We recognize that some of the concepts might cause some anxiety. But we must remain open to what’s possible and consider all options to move forward.”

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