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Carrollton Superintendent Discusses Labor Day Start

There’s some talk that state law makers are looking into the possibility of mandating that the state’s public schools wait until after Labor Day to start each new school year. This week, Carrollton City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Mark Albertus said that they will wait and see the results of that study. But, he mentioned starting the school year two weeks later may sound like a good move for some, but starting later means stakeholders would have to give something up during the school year, which could mean shorter Fall and holiday breaks.

“We always have to look at the calendar. We balance the teaching and learning needs with the wants and desires of our community and our parents. We are always getting suggestions and recommendations on how to tweak the calendar,” said Albertus. “We have a lot of people who want it pushed back toward labor day but we also have a large contingency that likes to get out of school earlier. We have it kind of broken up into one semester before winter holidays and one semester after winter holidays.”      

Albertus said if a new law were passed, his district would of course accommodate it.

“The calendar that we have had seems like it supports our kids and our community. We will do what is in the best interest of our community.”

A Carrollton City Schools historian said that the Carrollton district has been starting school in middle to late August since at least the mid-seventies.

A state senate study committee assigned to evaluate the school year calendar of Georgia public schools is reportedly scheduled to begin meeting soon.


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