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Carrollton Resident Finds Pants-Less Man Sleeping On His Porch

A 20-year old Carrollton man faces a public indecency charge after deputies say he was found taking a nap… on someone else’s porch—and he was sans-pants.

Deputy Josh Lambert responded to the call from a White Oak Court address early morning Sunday. The resident inside reported that an un-familiar male subject appeared to be sleeping on his front porch.

Deputy Lambert cautiously approached the property’s entrance… and found a male not wearing any pants or under garments, sleeping in a rocking chair on the front porch. He woke the subject and asked him what he was doing on the porch. According to Lambert, the male responded: “I don’t answer questions”.

Lambert then asked the male’s name, and received the same response.

Investigators discovered the man’s wallet, shoes and hat laying in the road way 3 houses down the street. His pants were located nearby. They used the driver’s license inside of the wallet to identify the man.

The suspect dressed himself (after the deputy’s request) with the retrieved clothing before he was taken to the Carroll County Jail.

He was released from jail after meeting a $3,500 bond.


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