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Carrollton May Change “Brown Bag” Policy on Adamson Square

This coming weekend could be the last weekend that patrons of Adamson Square eateries will be permitted to walk the square with an open container of alcohol long after restaurants are closed for business.

Carrollton City’s current “brown-bag” ordinance does not indicate a cut off time for walking the square with alcohol, even though restaurants cannot sell booze after 2:00 am.

City Manager Tim Grizzard suspects that bar patrons are taking their to go cups outside and then continue to fill that cup from their own source of alcohol allowing them to loiter on the square.

“We just have had some problems on the square late at night. At four in the morning there will be people up there drinking and walking around, and we know that nobody purchased that from a bar. They may have a cup from a bar but they are filling that up with their own bottle and it is a lot of work on the police,” said Grizzard. “There is no reason to be there that late and so this limits consumption on the square to 2:30 am. Bars have to close at 2:00 am and this gives them 30 minutes to finish what they purchased.”

Grizzard and the CPD suspect that alcohol and extended loitering have been behind a number of late night altercations around the square in recent months.

Carrollton’s mayor and city council are expected to address the cut off time during Monday’s city council meeting.

A cut off time for “brown-bagging” has not been established since a resolution in the  city’s alcohol ordinance was approved at the establishments that are licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on premises, in December of 2016.


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