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Carrollton Man In Jail After Police Say He Severely Beat Former Girlfriend Then Refused To Take Her For Treatment Unless She Had Sex With Him

A 46-year old #CarrolltonGA man remains in the #CarrollCountyGA Jail Monday as he faces multiple charges including aggravated assault, aggravated battery, rape and false imprisonment. Police believe he beat his former girlfriend to the point she could not walk— and as she begged him to take her to Tanner for treatment—he told her he would not do so until she had sex with him…

The victim told investigators that she had gone to the home of Trevor Springer on Clarion Drive in Carrollton “to break up with him.”

According to the report, while there, a dispute ensued and she said Springer grabbed her neck and threw her on the floor multiple times and punched her in the face with a closed fist more than once.

She said she attempted to leave multiple times, but Springer would grab her and throw her around. At one point she said, he got on top of her and used both of his hands to squeeze her neck to the point she thought she would lose consciousness.

She alleged that Springer attempted to grab a firearm while stating, “If I could reach my gun, I would shoot you and kill you.”

The victim said he eventually left her alone, but she then realized she could not move her legs and wanted to call 911. However, Springer then took her phone.

She stated she begged him to take her to Tanner. Springer allegedly responded that he would not take her anywhere until she had sex with him.

The suspect eventually drove the victim to the hospital.

A bond had not been set for Springer as of Monday.


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