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Carrollton Man Charged With Aggravated Assault After Setting Another Man On Fire

A 36-year old Waco man is said to be fighting for his life in the burn-unit at Grady Hospital in Atlanta after he was set on fire by an acquaintance. A 40-year old Carrollton man has been arrested and faces numerous charges relating to the incident. 

Witnesses told Carroll County investigators that Saturday June 24th around 11:00pm, Cody Benefield pushed open the back door of the residence at 6118 Mount Zion Road in Waco. Once in the room, Benefield began spraying an unknown liquid at Chad Chambers. Benefield then used a torch to set the victim on fire. This reportedly caused the victim’s body “to burst into flames.” 

The two men had a “physical altercation” throughout the house and to the front door where the altercation ended, according to witness statements. 

At which point, Benefield left the scene in a Blue Ford Conversion Van. The male victim was life-flighted to Grady soon after. 

A female witness told investigators that Bennefield was jealous of the relationship between she and Chambers. However, adding, that “they all hang out together.” Another witness said the previous female was “seeing” both men. 

Deputies were able to use security footage in their investigation. They also located a yellow torch and a clear bottle containing an unknown liquid. 

A few hours after the incident, Deputies located the vehicle Benefield was alleged to have left the scene. It had been abandoned in the woods behind a home on Mt. Zion Road.  

Monday, June 26th, an investigator made contact with Bennefield over the phone. According the report, Bennefield stated that he had been staying over at the (residence at 6118 Mount Zion Road in Waco) for a couple of days and that one of the people staying in the home, said they were afraid of Chambers. He alleged that the two men had spoken over the phone, and Chambers told Benefield that he was going to “whoop his a**.” Benefield allegedly responded that “he would be there shortly.” 

Once Benefield arrived at the residence, he stated – he had the water bottle that had gasoline in it, in his reach, along with his torch. He said that he was scared of Chambers, because “Chad is a big guy.” Bennefield said he got out of the van and he and Chambers began arguing; and, they went inside continually arguing. Bennefield said that inside the home, Chambers began to come at him, so he squirted him with the gasoline. He stated that Chambers continued coming towards him; and, that Bennefield was telling Chambers to leave the entire time, that he did not need to be at the residence. He stated that he had the torch in his right hand, and that it was lit. Bennefield said, at this time, Chambers struck him in the left side of his face with his right hand, which caused him to stumble; and, that his hand holding the torch came down and lit Chambers on fire. He stated that he began trying to put out the fire but could not and began to worry and left.  

Doctors told investigators that Chambers suffered third degree burns on 80-percent of his body. He has undergone surgery for skin graphs. 

Benefield was arrested on Tuesday. He is charged with Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, First Degree Arson and Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony. All charges are felonies. 


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