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Carrollton Man Arrested In Relation To Stolen Mail

One Carrollton man is in police custody and two others are wanted in relation to alleged mail thefts at several Oak Mountain area subdivisions. On Thursday morning, Carrollton PD investigated over 50 mailboxes that were left open with pieces of mail littering the ground, leading police to believe mail had been stolen.

According to CPD Captain Shannon Cantrell, later on Thursday, police were investigating an unrelated crime that led to the alleged mail thieves.

“We were on an unrelated shop lifting call and while we were investigating that call, we were at a local hotel. Inside a room we were able to locate some of the mail that came from some of those mailboxes which led us to believe that these people were involved.”

Carrollton PD arrested 29-year old Anthony Blake Johnson at the Western Inn, charging him with felony entering an automobile with intent to commit theft, tampering with evidence and theft by receiving stolen property.

Arrest warrants have also been issued for Freddie and Jacob Bates in relation to the crime.


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