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Carrollton Likely Not To Increase Speed Limit On Cut-Through Roads

The city of Carrollton will most likely not lower the speed limits on portions of Rome Street and Cedar Street despite concerns from residents that drivers using the residential streets as a cut-through are driving too fast for the environment.

That public concern prompted city officials to request the Georgia Department of Transportation to conduct a speed evaluation for the area. The results found by GDOT suggested that the current speed limit of 35 miles per hour is appropriate.

“We asked the Georgia DOT to evaluate the speed limits on Cedar Street and the speed limits on the section of Rome (Street) that is north of Spring Street. The section south of Spring is already 25 miles per hour.  They came back and said that the current speed limit is appropriate. We did not take no for an answer and we went to our traffic consultant and he gave us the same answer,” said Carrollton City Manager, Tim Grizzard.

“I just would like to say that traffic is not an intuitively obvious issue and people think there is speeding when there is not necessarily speeding,” commented Grizzard. “It’s one of those things where we rarely make anyone happy with traffic issues. If we were to respond to every request and put stop signs everywhere they want and traffic lights everywhere they want and speed bumps everywhere they want then they will literally be everywhere. If we don’t follow what the consultants say, we will be constantly chasing our tail and putting up measures that may not be appropiate.”

Grizzard said data from the speed study will be available at city hall later this week.


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