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Carrollton Law Enforcement Will Learn More About Hands Free Law

When Carrollton police officers attend a legal update session in the coming months, among the likely law changes they will be learning more about is a new hands free driving law for Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal is expected to sign that bill into law any day now.

It is a bill that should have positive effects locally, according to CPD Lt. Gregory Falls, “I believe that it will significantly lower the accident stats for us. A lot of the rear-enders and inattentive drivers are due to cell phones.”

Falls said drivers should not be surprised if they are pulled over for handling their phones after July 1st.

“I believe that this is going to be talked up enough to where everybody is going to know about it that drives,” said Falls. “I’m hoping the media is doing that right now.”

The bill sitting on Deal’s desk caps fines for first-time offenders at $50, but drivers could avoid a penalty by showing up to court with proof that they have since purchased a hands-free device. Fines would increase for repeat violators.


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