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Carrollton Lands Tourism Conference

Carrollton area tourism officials will continue to target a segment of the industry that until recently was unavailable to the region. The targeted area is that of large conferences. The Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau announced this week that Carrollton has been selected to host the winter Chautauqua Tourism Conference in March of 2019.

“With the advent of watching downtown and the Arts center being a really good meeting facility as well and the presence of a very thriving downtown with restaurants, shops and events, it really has made it easier for us to be eligible to bring this type of business to town,” said Executive Director of the Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Jonathan Dorsey.

Events like the Chautauqua Conference have the potential to bring in hundreds of visitors from around the state Dorsey continued, “So what you are talking about is people from outside get to see your community, leave their money and hopefully comeback because they have such a great experience. This conference is just one of many. A lot of these pieces have just fallen into place over the last several years. It is leading to us to be a much more attractive group meeting location.”

The Chautauqua Tourism Conference is a two day event organized by the Historic High Country Travel Association, It provides workshops, professional education and networking events for marketing professionals.


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