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Carrollton City Schools To Use Student Protest As Teaching Moment

Students at local schools may take part in tomorrow’s memorial and protest, where students and teachers across the United States will walk out of their schools and universities to honor the lives of the 17 people killed at Stoneman Douglas and press lawmakers to pass stricter gun control laws.

Carrollton High School Principal, David Brooks, says they will support students who participate in the protest but also hopes to use this time as a teaching tool, “Whether our students elect to participate or not to participate in the walkout, we are going to show a video on school safety. It is of me addressing our entire student body, letting them know who we work with to ensure their safety.”

The school would also like to guide students who want to affect change.

“If they really want to affect positive change, we want to try to guide them on how they need to go about that. We are going to encourage them that if there is something that they really feel strongly about that they write their legislatures. That is not just in this case but in any case,” said Brooks.

Brooks reminds students and parents that safety is a constant priority for their administration.


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