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CARROLLTON, GA – Carrollton City Schools’  continued focus on math support proved to be a successful formula once again, following the previous year’s lead in exceeding state averages on the Georgia Milestones math assessments systemwide, according to data released by the Georgia Department of Education.

Carrollton High School exceeded the state average in virtually all testing areas, in some cases surpassing the state by double-digit percentages, such as in coordinate algebra and analytic geometry by 14.7 and 10.7 percentage points, respectively. Seventh graders at Carrollton Junior High School also exceeded the state and improved over the previous year’s class and the eighth grade cohort taking high school-level coordinate algebra earned a 100 percent proficient score.

“Math was a strength across the board, confirmation that an intentional focus on teacher and student support continues to yield positive results,” said Anna Clifton, assistant superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Carrollton Middle School provided a strong showing in science, with fifth graders posting an 8.1 lead over the state score and improved 7.1 points over its grade performance last year. Biology and physical science scores at CHS were also stellar, exceeding  the state by 14.6 and 6.8 percentage points, respectively.

Social studies was also a strong area for the CMS fifth grade cohort, which improved year to year and exceeded the state score by almost 10 percentage points. At CHS, U.S. history and economics fared well, with student performance in economics improving 9.5 percentage points over last year, but falling just slight of the state average of 77.

All averages were calculated by grouping the proficient and distinguished levels of performance, the highest in the four-level scale.

Clifton noted that districtwide, English/language arts made the least improvement in 2018, although ninth grade literature continued to show marked improvement, exceeding the state by 11.9 percentage points. Fifth and seventh graders also performed above state averages.

“Our focus on literacy going forward was confirmed through this data,” said Clifton. “We are confident with the balanced literacy approach we are implementing from kindergarten through 12th grade, great improvements will be shown in the future,” noting that this year Carrollton Elementary School third graders exceeded the state average and improved over last year.


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