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Carrollton City Schools Discussing School Security & Safety

Back from spring break— the Carrollton City Schools District on Monday—discussed school safety and security measures— in the wake of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville.

“Carrollton City Schools has a ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign where lessons are presented to small groups of students throughout the year,” Assistant Superintendent of Facilities & Operations Craig George said. “In each lesson, students are made aware of things to be on the lookout for inside and outside of school, as well as on social media. They were also provided guidance on how to report a concern.”

George said district faculty and staff received a similar training. An emphasis was placed on establishing genuine relationships with students in an effort to ensure that each feels connected and supported.

“We had one potential concern earlier this year when a bomb threat was made to Carrollton Junior High School — however, after police thoroughly investigated the threat, they found the information to be completely false,” George said. “Carrollton City Schools holds system-wide emergency preparedness trainings throughout the year to support ongoing efforts to ensure school safety. Conducting drills is an important part of the district’s safety plan. Teachers, staff, and students prepare for these drills, so they know what to do and to mitigate anxiety if situations arise. In the case of an emergency, Carrollton City Schools is prepared to provide to students, staff, parents and community timely, accurate and honest information.”

George said each of the district schools are equipped with a School Resource Officer and all visitors must enter through the front office for approved access to our buildings since all other doors remain locked. He said supporting efforts include use of extensive camera systems that are monitored continuously, and classroom doors are locked at all times. “Safety will always take priority,” he concluded.


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