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Carrollton City Schools BOE to approve FY 24-25 budget

The Carrollton City Schools Board of Education is scheduled to take action on the fiscal year 2025 budget at Tuesday night’s regular board meeting.

On Thursday, the board held a public hearing on the tentatively-approved FY25 budget – where public comments concerning the budget were solicited – but none brought forward.

The proposed budget calls for revenue and expenditures for the coming year to be approximately 82-million dollars. That’s an increase over the final 2023-24 budget – where approximately 78.4 million dollars was counted for end of the year.

Total general revenues and expenditures figures end the 23-24 fiscal year at 55-million-876 thousand dollars. The proposal for FY 24-25 calls for revenue and spending from the general fund to be more than 66-million dollars.

The district predicts to collect an additional 2.5 million dollars this year from local taxes… and approximately 7.5 million dollars from the state’s quality basic education act.

The 24-25 budget projects an increase in spending for capital projects, instructional programs, pupil services and school administration pay; as well as projected expenditure decreases for maintenance & operations and school nutrition.


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