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Carrollton City Schools Announces School Changes For Next Year

CARROLLTON, GA — Growth in the Carrollton community is prevalent and Carrollton City Schools has felt the impact in its schools with more students joining the Trojan Nation each year. Because of this trend, two schools in the district will make changes to accommodate the increase in enrollment next year.

Carrollton Upper Elementary School will move to the current Carrollton Junior High School building, where it will house fourth and fifth grades. Grades six, seven and eight will move to the current CUES building and be named Carrollton Middle School.

“We continue seeing growth in middle grades,” said Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus. “With the large rise in building costs, this is the most fiscally responsible plan to maximize our current facilities.”

There has been a 10 percent growth in enrollment throughout the last five years, consistently adding approximately 120 students each year.

Albertus also noted that the new grade alignment of sixth, seventh and eighth grades will mirror other middle schools in the area and across the state.

“CUES will become a true upper elementary school with fourth and fifth grades which will be beneficial for students in that age group,” he said. “Our teachers and staff will be able to support them in a smaller setting before they enter their teenage years.”

The district also announced new leadership changes last month. Tabitha Walker will be the principal at CUES and Eric Simmons will be principal at CMS.

“We want to ensure that students have a seamless transition to the pivotal middle school years,” said Simmons. “And as they exit CMS, we want to make sure they are prepared for high school.”

Walker said she wants students and families to feel welcome in the new CUES building. She shared, “I am very excited about the additions and renovations that are taking place.”

While the official transition will occur this summer, facility enhancements to improve aesthetics appropriate for each age group will begin immediately. The new CUES building will have an elementary school feel, such as colorful hallways, new playgrounds, and connected hallways. To accommodate future growth, the new CMS building will have extra classrooms added within the next two years.


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