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Carrollton City Councilman Met Lane Will Not Seek Reelection

Carrollton City will have at least two new city council members in 2020. District Four Councilman Met Lane told WLBB radio, on Thursday, that he will not seek reelection when qualifying begins later this month.

“Being a former prosecutor and now city council member, I have a passion to serve the public and I intend to see a position of public service in the near future,” said Lane.

Lane chose not to elaborate on what that position may be at this time.

“It has been a great privilege to serve on Carrollton City Council and my platform has always been to maintain our quality of life, beautify and revitalize our city corridors, and make the city government more transparent. I believe the mayor and city council, over the last three and a half years, have been successful in accomplishing those goals.”

Lane has been on the city council since January of 2016.

His announcement not to seek reelection comes 2 months after Ward Two Councilman Rory Wojcik resigned. Wojcik’s former seat remains empty. Races for both the Ward Two and Ward Four seats as well races for Carrollton Mayor and City Council Ward Three are on the ballot this November.

Qualifying for each of the races will be held during the week of August 19.


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