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Carrollton City Council To Decide on Brunch Bill

Carrollton residents could vote this year on whether to expand the time people will be able to have an alcoholic drink at restaurants on Sundays.

This month, Carrollton City Council is expected to approve putting the question to city voters on a November ballot.

City Councilman, Rory Wojcik said a new state law gives counties and cities the ability to let voters decide on giving restaurants an additional hour and a half during brunch to serve alcohol.

“The city has a lot of locally owned restaurants and they provide a wonderful experience for residents and tourists in our area. That is what this is all about. It is about the freedom to choose the experience that you want,” said Wojcik. “To me, life is all about creating experiences and having the option of enjoying a mimosa at brunch with friends and family is something that we want to be able to happen in our community. You can do it on Saturday. It makes no difference to have it on a Sunday.”

The Georgia Restaurant Association claims that adding the additional 90 munites could become a minor coup for restaurants and its employees, as well as draw more tax revenue.

“From an economic standpoint, waiters and waitresses will make about twenty or thirty bucks more on a shift with these new extended hours and that is money in their pockets. They will be able to spend that money right here in our community and grow our economy,” Wojcik told WLBB Radio.

The council will decide whether to put the “mimosa mandate” question before voters, during their regular council meeting, next Monday.

Villa Rica City Council has already approved putting the question before voters in November.


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