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Carrollton City Council Discusses Potential Raises for Public Offices

On Monday, Carrollton City Council and Mayor took the first steps to raise the salaries for those who will be elected to the offices beginning in 2020.

The new proposal would raise the mayor’s salary from $6,000 annually to $14,400 a year. It would also raise salary for a council-member from $3,600 a year to $7,200 annually.

Councilman Jim Watters said it has been close to two decades since raises were approved for elected officials in Carrollton:

“That is the average salary for a mayor and councils in cities of our size.”

Councilman Met Lane said if the increase is approved, it would equate to less than one percent of Carrollton’s current budget, which is about $52 million.

“The other thing is that the school board members of Carrollton City Schools make about $700 a month. We are basically equaling what school board members make,” said Lane. “The other thing to keep in mind, anytime that the mayor goes anywhere, he gets invited to all sorts of civic events that charge at the door. The mayor has to pay out of his own pocket. Our other thinking is that we want good quality people running for public office.”

The city is seeking public comment regarding the potential raises before moving forward with the legal process in September.


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