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Carrollton City Council Approves Large Housing Development

Carrollton City Council on Monday approved a rezoning request which would clear the way for a new subdivision where developers plan to construct 53 single-family detached homes and 68 townhomes on an undeveloped property located south of Bankhead Highway, west of the Carrollton Bypass and north of Cedar Street.

Developers estimate the price for the single-family homes to be between $250,000- $300,000. The pricing for the townhomes is expected to be between $190,000- $220,000.

Director for West Metro Board of Realtors, Paula Waters, urged council last night to approve the development plans for what she called work-force housing, citing it is a great need in the community.

“Our first responders need housing and our teachers need housing. Most of the above professional can’t afford $300,000 and above homes unless they eat beans and rice for most meals and use a bicycle for transportation,” said Waters. “We need many levels of housing in our city but workforce housing is the greatest need. We need housing from $150,000- $250,000 most of all. The market is robust and strong but we are starving for housing.”

Public comments did not challenge the planned development and the council approved the rezoning unanimously.


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