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#CarrollCountyGA Approves Shelter In Place Order. #CarrolltonGA Will Consider Similar Action Wednesday Morning

Tanner, Board of Health Adopt Resolutions Urging Residents to Shelter at Home

The Tanner Medical Center Inc. Board of Directors and the Carroll County Board of Health have adopted sweeping resolutions imploring people in west Georgia and east Alabama to stay at home.

The resolutions stress that the number of new COVID-19 cases threatens to overwhelm the region’s resources, inundating hospitals with more severely sick patients than Tanner can hope to care for.

“We’re at the point of no return,” said Daniel Jackson, chairman of Tanner’s board. “We’re already near the limits of our capabilities. If the number of cases in our area continues to grow, we will not have the beds, ventilators and other resources we need to care for them. If we don’t flatten the curve now, our neighbors and loved ones will begin to die.”

The resolution from Tanner was approved about an hour before the Carroll County Board of Health voted on a similar resolution. Additional information regarding this order will be released this evening on the website and Newstalk 1330 WLBB Facebook page.

“We cannot stress enough how vital it is right now for people to stay home,” said Laura Larson, MD, chair of the Carroll County Board of Health and medical director of infection prevention at Tanner Health System. “That is the No. 1 thing we can all do right now to save lives. We must shelter at home to stop spreading the virus.”

In recent days, Tanner has accepted donations of medical supplies to help protect its healthcare workers from exposure. It’s also received community support in the form of mask covers sewn by area residents.

“We’re extremely grateful for the community’s continued support,” said Loy Howard, president and CEO of Tanner Health System and a member of both Tanner’s board and the Carroll County Board of Health. “Their efforts are helping our staff on the front lines deliver care. But right now, the best thing we can all do is shelter at home.”

Jackson echoed that sentiment.

“Don’t go out and expose yourself to the virus,” said Jackson. “Don’t go out and bring the virus home to your loved ones. Every time you leave the house, you’re at risk. The only way to reduce that risk is to stay home.”

The resolution comes as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and local municipal governments have adopted actions to limit gatherings, close on-site dining at restaurants and take other measures to help limit the spread of the virus.

Still, healthcare officials fear that the measures may be too little, too late.

“Extreme times call for extreme measures,” said Jeff Lindsay, DMD, vice-chairman of Tanner’s board. “That’s the thrust of the board’s resolution today. Sheltering at home is the single best way we can help our healthcare facilities keep pace with the growing number of sick and infected residents.”


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