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Carroll EMC to Receive Clean Energy from New 252-Megawatt Solar Portfolio

Carrollton, GA—Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative (EMC) announces plans to participate in the new 252-megawatt (MWAC) solar energy portfolio. Carroll EMC is among 16 Georgia electric cooperatives that will collectively share in the power production from the solar portfolio which will be generated across three locations in southern Georgia.

As a clean energy source, the solar portfolio’s environmental offset is equivalent to approximately 460,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Green Power EMC, the renewable energy provider owned by 38 Georgia EMCs, including Carroll, is purchasing the full power output and environmental attributes of the three solar facilities and providing it to participating electric cooperatives.

“We are committed to serving our Members with a diverse portfolio of reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy,” said Jerome Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for Carroll EMC. “The co-op is proud to grow our diverse generation mix with competitively priced solar facilities that benefit our Members and communities across Georgia.”

Each of the three solar sites will merge clean energy generation with regenerative agriculture including land management using planned sheep grazing. Herds of livestock will reside part-time at the solar farms and graze beneath the solar panels. As sheep bite off the tops of plants, keeping vegetation from shading the solar panels, they will fertilize the soil, causing more plants to grow. This agricultural practice is designed to improve soil health, sequester carbon and boost water quality on land used for solar power generation. This approach also generates new long-term revenue opportunities for farmers and supports important agricultural jobs.

“In the past six years, Georgia’s cooperatives have grown their solar energy portfolio by 8,000%,” said Green Power EMC President Jeff Pratt. “By collaborating on innovative, cost-effective renewable energy projects, Georgia’s co-ops are providing their members with clean, affordable energy while also supporting economic development in many rural Georgia communities.”

Green Power EMC is a not-for-profit cooperative founded in 2001 to support 38 of Georgia’s electric cooperatives in their search for renewable resources. The primary efforts of Green Power EMC have been to find, screen, analyze, and negotiate power purchase agreements with Georgia-based renewable resource providers. In addition to sourcing renewable energy, Green Power EMC provides education programs that help member-consumers learn both the challenges and opportunities of utilizing renewable energy. For more information, visit or follow Green Power EMC on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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