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Carroll County Woman Attacked After Helping Stranger On Highway

A Carroll County woman was cut and beaten by a man that she told investigators that she attempted to help after she had pulled over her vehicle. She escaped with those injuries but believes it could have been much worse.

According to Haralson County Sheriff’s investigator, Heather Mecillas, Friday morning, the victim drove westbound on Highway 78 near Helton road. She saw a white male in the fetal position in the road. She believed he had been struck by a car. She turned her Chevy SUV around to see if she could help. After she stopped her vehicle near the man, the victim said she opened her SUV door and began to dial 911. She was then struck in the head.
Investigator Mecillas said the motive for the attack is currently unclear.

“We are really not sure, His actions are not that of a normal person, so it could be drug related. We really have no idea what his motivation was,” said Mecillas.

The victim struggled with her attacker for a period but was able to break free and drove her car to Higgins Hospital in Bremen.
This week, the victim’s father, Wayne Agan, told WLBB radio that he believes the man attempted to steal his 25-year old daughter’s Chevy Tahoe.

“He was trying to pull her out of the car but the seat belt still had her hooked in it. Somewhere in there, he started cutting her pretty good,” said Agan. “She said that all she remembers is putting it in reverse and backing out into 78 with the door open.”

Agan said his daughter is still a little shook up mentally but will recover from her physical injuries.

“I hope people understand that you just can’t do like we used to do years ago and stop and help somebody. A young girl by herself, she almost lost her life trying to help somebody. That is the sad thing about the day we live in,” commented Agan.

The available description of the suspect is limited. He was a white male in his 30’s to 40’s that was bald and clean shaven.


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