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Carroll County Will Be Test Ground For New Voting Machines

Carroll County will be among the first counties in the state to use new voting machines. This session, the Georgia State House and Senate passed legislation that would change the state from solely electronic voting machines that are vulnerable to election hacking and tampering to a touch screen system that would print a paper ballot and then be scanned by voters. This would leave a paper trail for any election review. Though an improvement, many critics have cited this is still not as secure as hand bubbling a paper ballot.

According to Carroll County Election Supervisor Greg Rigby, Carroll County will be one of ten counties that will test these new machines during municipal elections this November. The rest of the state is expected to see the new machines sometime in 2020, most likely for primary voting.

Rigby said that this it is not unusual for the Secretary of State to use Carroll County as a testing ground for new technology.

Rigby said that the new machines will be a welcome upgrade to voters come this November.

The manufacturer of these machines is still being discussed by state leadership.


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